How to get the mental health help you need.

Maneuvering the tangled web of our mental health bureaucracy can be as much of a trigger for our condition as anything. We created this page to make the process of getting help more user friendly.” 

— Dolores Sanchez, Founder, Mental Health Justice.

You are your own best advocate.

Remember there is no one more important in your recovery than you. This page is designed to provide you assistance in working toward your mental health recovery. It is not meant to take place of the professional medical advise of your psychiatrist, physician or other mental health professionals. However, we believe you’ll find it a useful guide.

Understanding Your Mental Health Needs

If you suspect you have issues that are creating barriers to your full mental health here is a great mental health-screening tool developed by the Mayo Clinic.  

Additionally the National Institute of Mental Health offers a nice guide to specific disorders if you suspect you have or have been diagnosed with a particular mental health disorder.

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