For those of you who are major league baseball fans you probably know that Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke is streaking toward baseball immortality. If Greinke goes another two games without giving up a run he will surpass Hall of Fame pitcher, Orel Hershiser for the most innings in baseball history without giving up an earned run. This is considered one of the most difficult baseball records to break.  Wow!

You’re probably asking, What does Greinke’s streak have to do with mental health?

The answer goes back nearly ten years to his second year in the majors. Then with the Kansas City Royals, he lost a whopping 18 games. His poor performance had baseball analysts puzzled. Greinke was one of the most highly touted pitching prospects in some time. Then in 2006, he disappeared from professional baseball for the entire season.  

The explanation? 

Greinke was battling social anxiety disorder (SAD) and depression. His symptoms had gotten so bad that he simply couldn’t deal with the high stress of being a major league pitcher. He considered quitting baseball.  Fortunately, he sought treatment and medication and was back in the major leagues the next year. In 2009, Greinke won the Cy Young Award as the best pitcher in baseball. Now, he’s chasing baseball immortality. 

Still, Zack Greinke could have very well been out of baseball forever if he hadn’t had the humility and courage to seek treatment for his mental health issues. Although he doesn’t discuss his mental health issues much anymore, his openness back in 2009 to discuss and deal with his mental illness is worthy of praise and recognition. So, if he breaks the scoreless inning record or not, Zack Greinke is already a legend in the eyes of

No stigma. No judgment. Everyone is welcome.


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