I have found that one of the best aids for depression is an act of kindness. 

First, some facts about me: 

1.     I suffer from clinical depression. 

2.     I volunteer at the St. Francis of Assisi Parish Step Ministry Program.

3.     I’m a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

I love volunteering. The St. Francis of Assisi Parish shelter is a welcoming and safe place. However, because of my depression, I’ve sometimes struggled to show up. Last week, I was determined and I made it to the shelter and something special happened. 

When I opened the door to let everyone in for the evening, Henry, one of the constituents I have befriended walked in with a special gift for me–an awesome Los Angeles Dodgers cap.  With a big smile on his face he told me, “This is for you, I know what a big Dodgers fan you are, so I bought it for you. I carried it with me every day for the last week waiting for you to return.”


I am crying as I write this post even more than I did when Henry handed me my new Dodgers cap. Henry’s smile and kindness interrupted my struggles with a heaping dose of grace.

At mentalhealthjustice.net, we encourage everyone to share their stories. Please share an act of kindness that touched your heart. I know it will touch others.

Mental Health Justice. No stigma. No Judgment. Everyone is welcome.


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