This is a compelling story printed in the New York Times several years back called “Troubled Children.”  The story visits the challenges of the Abaspour family in dealing with their daughter, Haley’s, complex mix of mental illness disorders. The reason, I believe  it’s important to revisit this story now is that it powerfully illustrates how little has been done to effectuate public policy reforms dealing with mental health and children. I also find it fascinating that through the experience, her father came to the realization that for years he too had suffered from anxiety disorder. How often have we heard that story?

We so much need an honest and open dialogue as we work toward ways to accept and heal from mental health illness. We also need a sense of urgency from our elected officials in crafting, passing and implementing pro-active mental health policies. 

Moving forward, toward mental health justice! 

Dolores #mentalhealthjustice 

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